Friday, December 11, 2009


The light will come to us and we must work the path!

When I started thinking about something to be beneficial to all who read, I decided I would produce another blog totally about Success and it's many variations and expressions of how it is determined and how it comes to fruition and progresses within our life.  I think a light-bulb must go off in our head and or more appropriately the "light within us" so that we realize all things are ours to explore. There is nothing more important to each of us, than to feel our accomplishments and victories in life and know that our hard work and dedication, in the end were the validity for the end results.  If we did not live with a desire to have or find some kind, any kind of Success, we would evaporate into nothing but existence only.  When we exist only, we are not totally living and I have seen so many good people in this state. Not anyone should live like this.  It was not intended for human kind just to exist.  We should make sure that we have character that shines and when we do, everything will fall into place somehow we know that Success Now is on its way.

When I think about Success-Now for anyone including myself;  of course I do not forget the suffering that the economy has brought on so many people in our Country.  It is so unfair and so uncalled for in so many ways.  Nevertheless, I feel that there are ways to overcome any disaster with the right prospective in mind and that Success-Now can be victory for all, no matter what strikes...there is always hope. It doesn't matter if we are at the low end of the pole, there is a way to get back to the top, if we strive with the right attitude and willingness to work hard.  I am not talking about just a job only, I am referring to life itself. 

Some question that are appropriate to ask oneself might be the following:

  • Are you seeking personal or professional success
  • Are you needing a more satisfying relationship
  • Do you want a better relationship with your child
  • Do you want a larger salary
  • Is you personal life obsolete
  • Are you seeking spiritual maturity
  • Are you seeking fame
  • Do you want something that is unattainable
  • Do you have the right perceptions for success
  • Are you using success as an escape
  • Are you rushing through this without careful thought
  • Have you thought about considering another approach
I could go on and on with the questions..but these are a few things to ask yourself and get honest answers.  It is of great importance that we know why we desire success in whatever role it is but yes, "everyone" deserves to feel the empowering effects of triumph in their path to success.

A painter of a beautiful piece of artwork sets out to make a masterpiece, no doubt.  He uses the right paint brushes, the right colors, the right canvas and the right frame of mind.  How would I know that without being an artist myself?  We each have a canvas which is life, we have a conscious, we know what is right and what is wrong. If we do not and do not care about anyone but ourselves, then that should be our starting point as we must be accountable to our self for always doing the right thing, not in some situations, but in all situation.  We have everything we need available to us to accomplish almost anything we desire, if we apply ourself to the task.  If we choose the right over the wrong there is no reason to contemplate we cannot be rewarded for our efforts to gain whatever it is we desire.  Priorities are essential to most everything in life, we have a duty to ourselves but we also have a duty to others.  That duty to others is to always be truthful, sincere and straightforward, but at the same time, humble, kind and caring. If we remember the fact that we can get more done by someone helping us, than we can do alone...we have grown personally for sure. It doesn't seem that anyone can get far without personal growth and personal development being a proirity in life as well.

 We have one most important duty to ourselves and that is to have patience.  Patience is something that most of us lack in great quantities.  I know it is something I have to work on.  It is not that I want everything now, stat, is just that I get in a hurry and when you are working on quality instead of quantity...patience must be a virtue.  They say never pray for patience....because you could be tested....really...I don't need anything further to slow me down when my laptop has already shown its fury.

To accomplish Success in our professional life, we must consider our education, our experience, our dedication, our ability to learn what we don't know.  I do not believe that anyone knows everything about everything regardless of what their profession.  Even Doctors have to look up medications in their medical reference books and go to seminars, even the Lawyers have to look at the book sometimes....No one can retain it all unless they are genius.  I worked many years in mortgage but I often had to reflect on rules and regulations because they change so frequently.  Yes, I think I knew a lot that many others did not but did I know every aspect of it, no but I knew enough to consider myself as a person who enjoyed Success within the Industry.  I felt good about, it doesn't matter what anyone else thought because you see sometimes others are only interested in themselves and their victories, not yours so you have to want Success-Now for the right reasons anyway;  Success for "you".  We should not be out to impress anyone else, outshine anyone else, nor to make someone else feel less. The end results should be for the gain of respect for ourselves, the satisfaction an accomplishment brings, the higher salary, the results of a job well done, a closer family relationship, a better person, a masterpiece. Most importantly, we did it ourselves!  With hard work and a passion for the end results.  No one can give it to us, it is something we have to desire, work for and attain for ourselves.  Success-Now is about "you". Where are you at this moment?  Are your aspirations dead?  Wake them up, doesn't matter how long the have been lying dormant.  Get up, start living again and know that "you" can do or be anything at any time in life....if you desire it completely, rightfully, cautiously, and work effectively for the final reward.


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Linda said...

T try to write all things that are truth and from the heart from working in management, with a lot of different individuals and for a lot of people who have needed a little personal growth along the way. I too have learned an awful lot of character and have to work on my own success later in life.

Thank you for stopping by.

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